Our services in detail

Sebastian Ullherr, Founder interfacewerk

Consulting & process consulting

We enable start-ups, companies and organizations to use human-centric processes. Before we start working on your digital tool, we clarify with you whether your project is realistic and look together at which processes will help you.

View sample project: Systemiq
For the plastic reduction tool, the basis was a joint impact strategy. The aim here was to reach more stakeholders than with a mere consulting approach. In the meantime, 9 U.S. companies are part of the Plastic IQ Leaderboard, so that the impact goals, such as a circular economy for plastic packaging, are being achieved.
Sebastian Ullherr, Founder interfacewerk

UX Research

We use UX research methods to find out what the pain points and needs of your users are. To do this, we apply various UX research methods (remote or on-site). We develop and update a constantly growing database of assumptions, insights and proven facts about your target group, their context and their challenges. This enables us to develop precise solutions and make decisions based on facts, not opinions.

View sample project: Erium
In the development of an AI tool for data scientists, we closely examined the assumptions about users and built further understanding of users. At the end of the UX research, we had a lot of new insights about user needs. This helped Erium's startup team a lot to make informed product decisions and create a product that also attracted more investors to the startup.
Sebastian Ullherr, Founder interfacewerk

UX Design & UI Design

We create prototypes of potential solutions on paper, in the form of mock-ups and in various digital versions. This allows us to test ideas at an early stage, iterate and refine the design until we have reliable results. There are usually more ideas than time. That's why we help prioritize solution ideas and complete ideas in final UI designs.

View sample project: Putzmeister
For the new machine interface for the zero-emission concrete pump, we tested various solution approaches with a paper prototype. Real users were allowed to "click through". This allowed us to iterate very quickly, perform A/B testing very easily and thus arrive at the best result very pragmatically and without much effort.
Sebastian Ullherr, Founder interfacewerk

Software Development

A well-designed product requires a solid, scalable architecture. We ensure a seamless transition from UX to development in small, agile development teams led by a project manager and a senior software architect. We can take over the development of your web application, mobile app or platform or work with your dev team.

View example project: Project Climate
For the mobility app, the Fleet Analyzer, we were allowed to take over both the backend and frontend development and software architecture. The application is based on Angular and Ruby on Rails.
Sebastian Ullherr, Founder interfacewerk

Delivery of the software and continued operation

Once your first product version has been completed, we take care of deployment and continued operation. We use modern, scalable cloud solutions and security architectures.

View sample project: Global Plastic IQ
For the digital tool for plastic reduction, we took over the provision and continued operation in a service contract. Once new user data and feedback was collected, we worked together on further meaningful features to achieve even more impact.

Project process and what you get in each step


What you can expect from us

We pursue a common goal

We're not talking about hourly rates, but about your goals.

Our added value guarantee

We guarantee added value, e.g: 70% of users work faster with your tool.

We are your problem solvers

We uncover the key problems of your digital product and solve them.

Long-term cooperation

We see working with you as a long-term partnership.

Knowledge comes to your team

We share all our knowledge with you and your team and build up targeted knowledge.

You can count on us 100%

We can advise you on all questions relating to digital product development.


How we start a joint project

  • We will talk about your goals in a non-binding appointment.
  • Based on this, we develop your personal offer.
  • The number and complexity of the user problems to be solved determine the price.
  • We work on a value-added basis. This means that we define specific milestones in the offer that we deliver and charge for them. We do not work on an hourly basis.
  • Long-term commitment is the only way to achieve good results. For more security, we offer a 30-day withdrawal period.
  • As a starter package, we offer you a mini-project with a minimum goal, such as identifying a user problem and designing a solution.

You like to take things into your own hands - but still need the necessary UX expertise?

No problem - with our coaching we enable you to benefit from our concentrated experience & to build up the necessary UX expertise directly in your team. Perfect if a whole project with us is not (yet) an option for you.
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