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Our vision is to create a sustainable future together with our great customers, where everyone benefits from the amazing technological possibilities. We do this by working together to create products and work environments that put people at the center.

We value human-centric processes and high software quality. This enables us and our customers to work in a focused, agile way. Even though we work on many projects, we still do it as one team - together. Because the high complexity of the projects we work on - e.g. Plastic IQ or HALerium - can hardly be solved as a single person. A high level of trust in each:n individual:s continues to distinguish us - we trust everyone to make good decisions themselves, but support them at all times. This allows us to work together optimally, whether remotely or in the office.

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This is how we work!


We strive for continuous improvement of our processes with constant feedback.


We love working remotely.


We avoid stress by giving everyone the freedom to plan their time flexibly and minimise external disruptions.


We pride ourselves on transparent, open communication and do not hesitate to ask for support when problems arise.


We support each team member in developing both their professional and personal skills.


We work remote first. If you are from the Munich area, you can come to our central co-working space if you want to.


We work with state-of-the-art equipment and use the latest technologies because it is more efficient and more fun.


We regularly organise internal workshops, trainings and events to broaden everyone's horizons.


We like to develop solutions that have a clear focus on usability (there is already enough bad software).


We see ourselves as technology advocates of web technologies that help our customers gain a decisive advantage over their competitors.

We don't stick to processes just because "that's the way it's always been done".

We don't do fake agile, where processes come before people.

We don't work overtime because we value time with friends and family as much as you do.

We don't have to deal with legacy code often because we can start from scratch and introduce new and cutting-edge technologies.

We do not blame anyone. We understand mistakes for what they are: Learning opportunities.

We don't force anyone to sit in unproductive meetings all day. We value short, well-prepared meetings with few participants.

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