Commitment to Sustainability & DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion)

In line with our mission and vision, interfacewerk is strongly committed to promoting DEI goals and sustainable action.

Commitment to Sustainability & Diversity

Our company vision:

"Together with our great customers, we are shaping a sustainable future where everyone benefits from the amazing capabilities of technology by creating products and environments that put people first."

This vision has diversity and sustainability at its core. For this reason, we gladly commit to upholding the values of diversity, equality, inclusion and sustainability.

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

True to our vision, we want to make technology accessible to everyone. There is only one way to do this: many different people with different backgrounds and perspectives must be involved in the development. That's why we strive for a diverse team, ethnicity, gender and many other criteria.

We believe that a diverse, equitable and inclusive future is the future we not only want to live, but also actively shape.

We demonstrate this by the fact that:

● 50% of our team and also our managers (!) are female - the result of years of strategic hiring, as this is usually hard to achieve in the technology sector

● our 7 different ethnic backgrounds, although we are a very small team of ~20 people, a result of fair hiring practices

● our family-friendly work environment, which does not discriminate against people who also provide child or family care, are not disadvantaged

● we conduct an equal pay analysis every 6 months to ensure that only roles and skills determine salaries

● we create an environment where everyone can bring new ideas and contribute to positive change

● we actively seek diverse test candidates for our user research:inside

● team members who are ethnic minorities explicitly express that they feel they are treated the same as everyone else at interfacewerk


Our vision guides us in building a sustainable future, but our values also require us to think long-term. We take the following steps to ensure that we implement these goals in our day-to-day work:

● Actively review and minimise our own emissions with our partner Project Climate

● Set an example for our clients by running best-in-class remote workshops to save travel emissions.

● Create sustainable & maintainable work products that don't need to be thrown away (yes, this applies to digital products too)

● Maintain a stress-reduced work environment that ensures our team can work and develop for the long term

● Have internal policies about the types of projects we take on and the types of clients we work with - our projects must be compatible with our vision.

● We commit to continue working towards fulfilling these values because we know that we must never stop. Otherwise, prejudices and short-term thinking can easily creep in.

We are proud partners of these impact organizations