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How do you develop digital products that positively influence the future?

Here you can see at a glance the content that will help you. To dive deeper into each section, download the full e-book for free. We've divided our e-book into a starting section, an introduction and four sub-chapters. In each chapter, you'll find real-world examples that we've worked on ourselves. These projects show you how digital products create real impact. You will learn to capture your impact and business goals, use UX design processes and methods to make your tool human-centric. You'll also learn how to test impact in the real world, and you'll be able to hit the ground running.


Find out more about the background to the e-book and why we created it for you.

KPIs and processes

Reach the impact level you set out to achieve and collect the right data.

Understand what you want to develop - solve a problem for your target group

Define your scope and learn from real-world examples.

Develop your tool - iterate and experiment

Learn how iterations and prioritization of functions will save your life.

Ensure impact in the real world - build your impact funnel

Apply an 8-step funnel to your digital product to achieve Impact.

Conclusion and your next steps - get started right away

Complete your hard work with concrete tasks to keep you on track.