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What is UX Research?

Questions we are often asked by our customers: How do we know what to develop? Which features, which interactions, which UI elements ...? The answer is: By asking your users. Basically, this is UX research. In essence, it's about asking your users what they want and how you can help them specifically with your product. UX research is the scientific approach to collecting and validating user data so that we can make meaningful product and design decisions. At the core of any UX research must be a commitment to human-centered design. Uncompromisingly placing the user at the center of a digital tool is an attitude that you must adopt. You have to be brave enough to put your own assumptions aside and focus on and trust what users actually want and expect.

We listen to users. We are interested in their problems and needs. We develop and test solutions together with them.

Our methods at a glance

Depending on the project, different methods will be useful. Let's look at what methods we can use and when they are useful.

User interviews

User interviews

A user interview can give you more information about your users than just interaction insights. It can give you a lot of background knowledge about the user group, their motivation, their demographics, and other useful information.
UX Research: Shadowing


Shadowing gives you the opportunity to get unfiltered insights into how your users interact with your digital tool. We like doing shadowing to get an overview of the functions of the digital tool, but also the context of where, when, and why it is used. 
UX Research: Surveys


Surveys are a good way to gain asynchronous and remote insights about the users. You won't always have the opportunity to speak to users in person. In this case, surveys could be just the thing for you.
UX Research: Usability Testing

Usability (Speed) Tests

Usability testing can be an engaging and very effective way of gathering user insights. Getting in touch with users can be particularly easy when attending dedicated usability testing events like usability Testessen. There are also remote usability testing events where you don't even have to leave your house to get the data you need.

Other methods

The methods described above are the ones we use most frequently in our projects. For B2C apps, we can also conduct diary studies in which users are asked to document their experiences with the digital tool over a longer period of time. Focus groups can also give you information about how your digital tool is perceived by your target group.

With UX Research to a great user experience for your users

The user experience (UX) is the sum of feelings, actions, thoughts and emotions while a person interacts with a digital tool. This user experience is the decisive factor when it comes to the success and positive impact of your digital tool.
For a good UX, your digital tool must solve a problem for users. Your tool needs fast real-time performance, users need to navigate intuitively through your tool, ideally without even thinking.
Interaction must be seamless. Ideally, your tool should already know what users want before they know it themselves. ‍
To achieve a good UX and focus on people and their needs, we do UX research!

The relationship between UX, UX Research, and other important terms from UX Design.

We recognize UX problems. We iteratively develop the best solution. We ensure an intuitive user experience.

Frequently asked questions

Who conducts UX research?

If you are wondering if you can do UX research yourself, e.g. as Head of Product, Product Lead, Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Founder ..., the answer is: you are a valuable input provider when it comes to knowledge about your target audience. However, you usually need an experienced UX research agency with appropriate UX designers and/or an even more specialized UX researcher. These experts will help you to find appropriate methods and conduct the research in a scientific way in order to draw the right conclusions at the end of the research phase.
Your role can be to acquire users and provide background information. Our job is to provide you with all the insights, results and key findings in a way that you can best benefit from them. The UX Research will provide us with the necessary foundation to make knowledge and data based product and design decisions, then in the next step, the prototyping process, to achieve the best possible results.

When does UX research make sense in terms of time?

If we look at our typical product development cycle, UX research will come right after setting the strategic goals (as in the image below). Here we want to analyze the problem we want to solve with our digital tool. We want to find out the problems, behaviors, preferences and motivations of the users.

UX Research Munich: the product development process

When does which method make sense?

Depending on the project, we will use different methods. It depends on: Are we building a completely new tool or redesigning it? In the latter case, we may already have a lot of user data or experienced users who already have a sense of what can be optimized. If we're designing something from scratch, it may be harder to find potential users.
In either case, we need to do everything we can to talk as quickly as possible to the people who are already using your digital tool or will be using it in the future. That's the only way to gain the crucial insights.

Remote or on-site?

In cases where the goal is to explore the habits of users, the best way to find things out is on-site. When it comes to small things that you want to check or find out, such as how users interact with a particular button, it's absolutely fine to do remote usability testing. If we are at the very beginning of a project and don't have a comprehensive knowledge of the project yet, it definitely makes sense to talk to people in person.

As a UX research agency based in Munich, we can easily conduct research in the Munich area or come to the location of your choice by appointment. We always have our research goal in mind and align the research accordingly. Of course, the budget also plays a role. A limited budget will probably lead us to choose the most pragmatic way, namely remote research. On the other hand, if it is absolutely necessary to observe users in context, we will encourage you to conduct research on-site.

Do you have further questions about UX Research or the project process? We look forward to hearing from you!
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Added value through UX Research in our projects

In our projects, we place a strong emphasis on researching user needs. This ensures sustainable digital products that survive in the market and achieve a positive impact. Here you can see a selection of our projects where UX Research has contributed significantly to the success.

Start today to get your users

Now that you know the benefits of UX research, when it's a good time to do it and which methods to choose, it's time to consider your first user research. We can support you in your digital project. Get started right away with your request for UX research in Munich, remotely or by arrangement at a location of your choice. Just send us a request and together we will find out how we can best work together and support you depending on the status of your project.

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