Working together on our vision - with the LEGO® Serious Play® method

How we worked together on our vision - remotely and using the LEGO® Serious Play® (LSP) method.

What exactly is the LEGO® Serious Play® method (LSP)?

LSP is a problem-solving, creative and communication method that uses a wide variety of LEGO elements and can therefore be used for a wide range of topics.

All participants are allowed to record their thoughts or ideas with LEGO elements in self-built models. In this way, everyone is involved and can contribute their thoughts/ideas equally.

The use of clamping blocks helps to playfully stimulate the creative potential of each person and to bring forth creative and innovative solutions in the workshops!

The Vision Workshop

In our newly defined vision of interfacewerk, we talk about "Sustainable Future", among other things. We wanted to know what each team member understood by this, what effects this could mean for our company in certain areas and finally wanted to come to a common understanding of the term.  

But how did we proceed and what was our result?

We started with a short warm-up exercise that helps us to represent complex concepts with the help of metaphors. Not so easy, as it soon turned out! Little by little, we were introduced to the method and all its elements.

Single model example

Once we were familiar with all the elements we needed, it was finally time to get started. "Build a model that shows what a sustainable future means to you" was our first task for the day.
Each team member had 20 minutes to build their own model. In the process, real little works of art were created and each one told its very own story.

Since the workshop took place remotely due to Corona, everyone took a photo of their model, uploaded it and described it with a few keywords. Afterwards, everyone briefly presented their model and answered any comprehension questions.  

But then came the challenging part: How do we create a common model from all these models? After initial hesitation and a bit of perplexity, there was eager discussion and finally a new model was made from parts of the individual models.

Once this was done, we added components to the model that we had been missing. Through communication, we were able to develop a truly shared understanding of the vision part.

Our group model


Lego Serious Play is a very good method for releasing creativity and making it visible in pictorial models. The focus is on the personal explanation and statement about one's own model, as symbols and associations can be very individual.

During the workshop we built a possible visualisation of our company vision by working closely together as a team. The development from individual stories and metaphors to a common narrative in which everyone can find themselves was an exciting experience! We created a real common ground not based on abstract visions or strategies from above, but through jointly developed results. If you want to be part ofthe next LSP workshop, check out our current job opportunities and maybe you will be part of the team soon!

The overall model from the models of the individual team members

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