And we are back! The "human-centered" podcast is live!

You can expect many topics on human resources management in projects, communication and working methods.

Listen to whole episode here

Hello dear listeners! Sebastian and Anna are back at the start for you. And this time it's not just about UX! We renamed ourselves (again) and worked on new podcast ideas for you. From software for people (too software-heavy) and interfacewerk (too enterprise-heavy) we just want to be human-centric. Of course, this is a term on the software and product development.

For the time being. Because one thing is for sure: there are still many more areas where human-centeredness still falls short and where a certain human-centeredness is absolutely appropriate. Anna and Sebastian will take you from a short explanation to an all-around view of what else should and can be human-centered to the limits of the term. So today a short crisp intro from us before it starts with exciting guests.

What can you expect in the latest episode?

In the current podcast episode we give you a short overview of what human-centered means and where the limits of the term are (for us). Anna and Sebastian explore what can be human-centered and what is not yet. Good example: mettings! Meetings are often not human-centered at all. But: If you think about the people and their needs in meetings, this can be improved quickly. A clear agenda, clear roles, a moderator, an adjustment of the length and a clear communication of expectations can quickly make meetings more human-centered.

We give you a little insight into what to expect in the next episodes. We look forward to hearing from you and especially to your feedback and suggestions for topics. Write us at podcast@interfacewerk or write Anna and Sebastian on LinkedIn!

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