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Matthias is a project lead at interfacewerk. Read how he manages all the projects smoothly and communicate with all stakeholders!


Matthias Groch


Project Lead @interfacewerk since June 2018. The ultimate connection between clients and our great team of designers and developers. Supporting the team with project management to make sure the client gets what he or she needs within the planned timeline and budget.

#How do you manage the complex cooperation between the client-side and our team and that all the requirements are met?

I strongly believe that the key to success is a common understanding of the project vision and goals both on the client-side and the makers, i.e., our UX and development engineers.

Therefore, the key is to first establish that common understanding by defining prioritized user stories (what is important, what is nice to have), and in a 2nd step record them accordingly in an issue tracking system like Trello or Jira.

Keeping the progress on the corresponding UX and development tasks up-to-date in the issue tracking system allows every stakeholder involved to know immediately where we stand and ensures that no important requirement is forgotten in the end.

In addition, fostering continuous communication between the client and our team, as well as internally between the UX and development teams, ensures that no detail is overlooked, and the client gets the best possible outcome.


Keeping the overview even when things get stressful by meaningful prioritization


Not getting up too early and then starting the day with a good cup of coffee (which won't be the last cup). After having checked mails and making sure nothing is burning, I check the progress of some tickets the team is working on and try to clarify open issues so no one gets blocked. Then lunch with the team at our big table in our beautiful office, and a round of Kicker or Mario Kart (if Covid19 permits). In the afternoon, I sync up with another client on the tickets for the upcoming sprint and make sure we are aligned on the planned to-dos and clear on any major milestones. Before wrapping up the day, answering emails and leaving the office with the good feeling of inbox zero.

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