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In the new episode of the "human-centered" podcast, our guest Florian Herschke gave us interesting insights into his work with people who want to center themselves. He encouraged us to pay more attention to our mental health and support us in finding our balance. We hope our listeners take courage and inspiration from the episode and find their own balance in their daily work life!

Why is centering myself important and how can I center myself?

Our own centering and balance are essential components of a healthy, balanced life and everyday professional life. However, if we don't feel centered, especially in our everyday professional lives, we can quickly become overwhelmed and stressed. In such moments, it is important that we take time for ourselves to re-center ourselves and give our body and mind the rest they need.

One way to center yourself is to practice meditation techniques. There are many different techniques, such as a simple breathing exercise, that you can do at any time of day to relax and center yourself.

Another way to center yourself is to establish regular routines like a morning routine that helps start the day more relaxed. This can help manage time and your energy better and help you focus more on what's important. For example, this is one practice that Florian has adopted. The other practice that helps him center himself is yoga, which was first an end in itself to get better at his other hobby, surfing, by being more limber.

Self-centering is an important part of living a healthy and balanced life. When we center ourselves, we can cope better with everyday life and feel better. It is important that we give ourselves the time and space to relax and center ourselves.

Why should companies care about employee self-centering?

Statistics show that since the 90s, the cases of mental illnesses are increasing sharply. But Florian is sure: Only if we feel good about ourselves, take care of ourselves first and feel good about ourselves, we can master the great challenges of our time. And today, companies are also responsible for the mental health of their employees, because many mental imbalances result from everyday work.

Here, Florian holds companies accountable. Especially in the New Work context, remote work and increasing stress due to permanent accessibility, it is important to prioritize mental health.

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