UX Strategists in Projects

We're starting Season Two of our podcast and things are going to be different πŸŽ‰ In the first episode you can find out who your new host is, what insights there will be and what UX strategists actually do all day!

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Our new host: Anna

Teaser: many new topics, interview partners, insights, working life, culture, more female

Great to have you back on our podcast! As you can hear, we have a significant change this time: Anna is our new host.

Also, you can now find us under the name interfacewerk Podcast! We still make software for people, but we also want to talk about other topics beyond software development, UX and UI.

From the feedback on the first season, we could clearly sense: guests are very well received by you and it doesn't always have to be our opinion that is the focus.


We also want to become more female and bring even more different perspectives and people to our micro. We have also dared to take the step of implementing the remote first principle without compromise. That means: no more office! And that in turn means: we will be able to share some experiences about this, or you will be there live!


The current season will also be about new work, hybrid forms of work, UX in start-ups, agile collaboration and so on. So: look forward to another episode with Moritz and Sebastian and then Anna will take over in solo flight and take you on the podcast journey. Stay tuned!

Our pilot episode of Season 2: Introducing the UX Strategist!

We talk a lot about sustainability - yes, the topic is currently very present. And for us, especially in the sense that we want to offer our customers something sustainable. This means that once a project is completed and we are no longer actively involved, our customers should still have the added value of having worked with us.

They should keep the mindset, the processes, the structures, the communication. In other words: the UX strategy developed, i.e. everything that is not necessarily product-related, should remain in the company and continue to grow and flourish.


And to ensure that this really happens, we now have a UX Strateg:in in every project! You can see the role as a counterpart to the Software Architect:in on the Dev page.

The UX Strateg:in ensures that the result of the project is human-centred. He or she accompanies the project from a bird's eye view and is a sparring partner in all UX questions.

Now you might ask: but why don't the UX designers simply take over this job?


It's simple: our UX designers are very deep in the subject matter and in their own product bubble. And it is only legitimate to have a partner in the project who manages the bird's eye view, i.e. the strategy!


New role = everything great?

As it is with new things in life, you first have to find your way in and learn, learn, learn.

Our reviews of the projects showed that we needed someone who was primarily responsible for strategy. And from one day to the next, there was the UX Strateg:in. It was a bit of a last-minute move. And our clients were also sceptical at first as to why a UX Strateg:in was now up to mischief in the project.


But with good communication and a little patience on the part of our great customers, it quickly became clear: the role pays off twice!


1. projects progress more quickly, fewer mistakes are made, customers internalise new knowledge more quickly and there is a fixed contact person only for strategic matters.


Our UX designers have someone to keep an eye on the strategy and can focus on UX research, prototyping etc. in a more relaxed way. The project managers, on the other hand, can concentrate on the project and don't have to follow the strategy.

Our recommendation to your UX team

In retrospect, we can say that such a UX strategist or a Head of UX as a Service pays off extremely in our projects. UXers are often lone warriors and get little feedback. In this case, the UX Strateg:in can be a great help and bring the UX to a higher level. UX is then not only related to a product, but is lived sustainably in the company. The UX Strateg:in is also a link between business strategy and UX and can take on a mediating role that is cross-functional and very helpful when it comes to showing the added value of UX.

And: with a UX Strateg:in, you distribute tasks better, ensure less stress and pressure on the shoulders of the individuals and avoid mistakes.

It actually took us 8 years to take the step and consistently integrate the role of UX Strateg:in in all our projects. Learn from us and do it faster. And if you need help, feel free to contact us!


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