Consulting tools beyond PPT and Excel

PPT and Excel are outdated when it comes to meaningful consulting work. Let's explore together why and which tools you should use instead.

Are you still using Excel and PowerPoint?

Could it be that you still rely mostly on PowerPoint and Excel for your work? It's time to rethink your toolbox. The dynamics of consulting have evolved, and to meet the demands of today's complex challenges, we need to update our tools. This is especially true for those of us working to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Here's why the era of Excel and PowerPoint may be coming to an end, and why you should consider a different approach.

Consulting with Meaning: The Challenge of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Consulting has always been about moving people, changing behaviors, and changing organizations, systems, and mindsets. Traditionally, we have relied on the Microsoft Office suite to do this, with Excel as our trusty sidekick for modeling and calculations. Excel served us well for years and made us feel equipped and confident for the tasks ahead. When you're working toward the SDGs, you have to consider a variety of factors. This applies to both the analysis and presentation aspects of your work.

The challenge of analysis

Let's talk about analysis first: Excel is inadequate when it comes to processing and integrating live data from multiple sources, which often requires data transformation. Moreover, its analytics capabilities lag behind AI-powered cloud-based tools. Even if Excel is sufficient for some scenarios, it is usually one of the least efficient ways of working. Integrating new data and updating results can be tedious and feel like a repetitive task that keeps you from doing more meaningful things.

The modern alternative: cloud-based tools

The alternative lies in modern software systems. It's about identifying the right (often cloud-based) tools needed to achieve your goals and effectively connecting them into an analytics pipeline. This pipeline can be optimized with your expertise, but constantly recalculates itself with new live data.
This approach saves you time and effort by allowing you to monitor more data. You can focus on results and conclusions for your customers.

The challenge of presentation

On the presentation side, PowerPoint has proven to be too static. Once a single presentation is finished, it quickly becomes outdated. Customers make decisions based on static information and often miss the opportunity to act on real-time insights.

Use flexible online presentation tools.

Today, flexible online presentation tools allow you to update results in real time, so customers can see and respond to changes immediately. By leveraging a range of online tools, you can create more up-to-date, understandable, and interactive presentations. Using online presentation tools, such as custom analytics dashboards, empowers your clients to take sustained action and enables consultants to achieve greater response.

The future of consulting tools

The new way of consulting with cloud-based tool support is capable of overtaking the traditional Excel and PowerPoint toolkit. It drives sustainable impact and positions consulting firms as preferred partners who can deliver dynamic, data-driven solutions that their clients can rely on 100%.

Do you agree? Is it time to say goodbye to PowerPoint and Excel for consulting firms? We believe the answer is a resounding "yes." It's time to shape the future of consulting, where digital tools and dynamic solutions make a lasting impact.

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