Human-centered communication in companies

Human-centered communication in companies - how does it work?

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How can companies communicate in a human-centered way?

Often good communication is forgotten in companies or simply not seen as important enough?

Why is that the case? Andrea Hartmair, an expert in corporate communications, sees it in the fact that no money is made with communications. At least at first glance. That's why people tend to focus on the product, the company's figures, new customers, etc. But: In good companies, communication must be seen and supported by the management. There is still a huge potential there. And that applies to both internal communication with employees and external communication with customers and suppliers.

If you consider the people you want to reach and the messages you would like to send, a strategy emerges. How you then communicate individual things depends on the target group and the medium. Everything is constantly changing here, which means even more: top management has to stay on top of it and discover new potential. The big challenge here today is that the pandemic has shifted communication even further into the digital realm.

On the one hand, this is positive, but on the other hand, there is an excess of information and it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out and differentiate. And this is where top management and a good strategy become even more important. Because good and human-centered communication is absolutely possible if the resources and the importance for the topic are given.

Communication as a learning field - personal and professional

After our theoretical insight, we wanted to go a little deeper. How can I communicate in a good and human-centered way? Andrea gave us a few practical tips on how to communicate more consciously. If you know different levels of communication, you can for example lead conflict talks more empathically and consciously. Move Talk, Basic Talk and High Talk are the levels. Move Talk is the non-verbal level. High Talk, an argumentative, factual, differentiated (language) level. Basic Talk is short, personal, not very argumentative, just basic. When people communicate on different levels, things can quickly get dicey. To become aware of the levels and to better understand and interpret human communication as a whole are tasks that we should set ourselves in general. Because as Andrea says: you can't not communicate. And whether we do it human-centered or not is entirely up to us. Enjoy the podcast episode and feel free to give and feedback to!

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