Project Setup UX and Dev - Podcast interview with our Senior UX Consultant Laura

In the podcast episode, Anna and Laura sit down to discuss the perfect project setup for a product development with UX designers and developers.

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Today it's about one of our favourite topics that we could philosophise about for hours! Namely, the collaboration between developers and UX designers, or more precisely, the right project setup. A project setup that provides the best possible collaboration. We have experimented a lot and even advised our clients on how best to do this. So for today's episode, we've enlisted the help of Laura. Laura is a UX consultant with us. She's super knowledgeable about the right project setups and talks about what's important from her perspective. Our host Anna takes the project lead perspective and tells us how she finds the right project setup.

As a UX consultant, Laura is often in contact with our developers. Therefore, she knows how important it is to have a regular exchange and when and how often joint sessions and joint planning are needed!

Involve developers early in the project

A great example is a project we started together. The UX team had a great feature idea. Users were immediately convinced! But the whole thing seemed very extensive and technically difficult to implement. After a joint discussion with one of our developers, it quickly became clear: the feature is not difficult to implement at all and is absolutely feasible!

So: a few conversations and the quick involvement of developers is super helpful. Even in the opposite case, when something seems easy from a UX point of view. Because sometimes a button can become problematic, as Anna tells us from her experience.

Better: go straight into the conversation at the beginning instead of accepting expensive and lengthy rectifications at the end!

Indicators that you need a developer:in

This could happen in the ideation phase to validate the feasibility, but developers should be involved at the latest before the design fine-tuning. Developers could also be involved in the UX research phase. For them, too, the user perspective is not so useless. This would also be an incentive for us to try this out in the future! Please keep in mind that everyone in the project wanted to know the context of the product, the users and the business perspective of the project. This is super important for the project setup! You can hear this and more in the podcast episode!

Written by:
Lisa Gorelik