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Anna is our HMI expert for UX research and UI design for machines/industrial applications. Check out her tips for a good UX!


Anna Rieder


UX Designer @interfacewerk since October 2018. Creating interfaces that work for users.

#What are the most important factors when it comes to the user experience of industrial machines?

Digging deep to really understand the machine technology in detail. Really understanding the context of use and user. Go to the job site or workshop and observe and listen well! Being communication oriented when working with different stakeholders on the client-side. Do not be afraid to ask questions!

#SUPERPOWER I'm really curious and interested in other people and have a lot of ideas. I take the user and his needs very seriously. I can be very persistent when searching for the underlying user needs. I like the challenge to disentangle assumptions and requirements.


The day starts with a walk through the English Garden to the office. Then I call a construction company for setting up a research appointment for the afternoon and having a nice short chat. Afterwards focus time without interruptions to cluster and analyse notes from yesterday's remote interview sessions. After finding the main pain points and requirement for the user it's time for the weekly team lunch. After voting via Slack, my colleagues and I go to a nice Italian restaurant in Schwabing. While having a nice bowl of pasta I enjoy talking and laughing with my colleagues. During the walk back in the office, I enjoy the sun and already think a little bit about the design of another project.

When back in the office I like playing with colours and proportions to finish a UI design and exchange bit with my colleagues on the design. Afterwards, I leave the office, take the car and drive to the Bavarian alpine upland to a construction job site. I observe the machine operator how he is controlling the machine with the remote control and have a nice direct chat with him to understand his tasks better and to investigate how the interface could be further improved. After the job is done, I drive to the Chiemsee, as it is close to the job site, and enjoy the sunset on my SUP. As the day was long and I don't have meetings in the morning, I decide to start with work a little later tomorrow and drive back home.

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