Human centricity through UX Research

Anna and Laura from our team tell you how human-centered UX Research works!

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Our UX Researchers Anna and Laura report how it works!

In this podcast episode of "human-centered" we are not only human-centered but also team-centered! Because today we are joined by two absolute UX research experts, who are also wonderfully part of the interfacewerk team! Anna and Laura talk to users almost every day and find out their needs in order to develop digital products that help people, have a positive impact and ultimately help companies achieve their business goals.

They know the pitfalls when it comes to interviewing users. Today, you'll answer some burning questions around good UX research - from planning, to conducting, to evaluating and dealing with tricky situations.


  • How can you involve customers in a UX research process?
  • How do you really manage to get the honest and unfiltered opinion of the users?
  • and: is UX research per se always human-centered?

Is UX research per se human-centric?

UX Research is the method for human-centric projects and products. But how does UX Research itself become human-centric? Anna's clear answer on this topic: No! It's also about planning and conducting research in a way that makes people and users feel comfortable, listened to and understood, and yet, or precisely because of that, provides the information that ultimately makes the product good.

Basically, UX Research is and remains the tool or method to bring human-centeredness into projects and with us you can hear how that works exactly!

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