UX in the Tech Startup - Podcast interview with Julia from heynannyly

We had the pleasure of welcoming the founder of the support platform henannyly. For her, UX has been a priority since day 1 and she gives a lot of insights on how to establish UX as a tech start-up.

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Why is UX so important for a tech start-up?

As is so often the case, a good user experience is the decisive difference to the competition. And that was also the case with Julia. As a founder and mother, she had the pain point of finding babysitters really flexibly and quickly. She had also often heard this pain point from her network.

Of course, there are platforms that provide babysitters, but not in such a way that all users, including parents, children and of course babysitters, are really satisfied and offer a positive experience. This is also the USP of heynannyly: quick booking, trustworthy processes, flexible and without commitment. The platform is designed for this and offers features that make exactly that possible.

From the very beginning, Julia and her co-founder made it their mission to develop a platform that solves users' problems and offers real added value. They saw the success of their product as being linked to the user experience.

What did heynannyly's UX Journey look like?

Being a founder means dealing with the most diverse areas and also with the topic of UX. Coming from HR, Julia has acquired a lot of knowledge in the field and has drawn a lot of feedback and advice from her network.

But at some point it became clear to her: that's not enough. Professionals had to get in on the act. And so a junior UX designer quickly joined the team and took on the task of designing the first wirerames. The whole thing looked pretty good. But the whole thing became really smart over time, when really useful features were added. Because looking nice is simply not enough for a really good product. It needs useful features with added value, tested by users.

After a few iterations and a lot of user feedback, you will soon be able to test the exciting result and form your own opinion of the platform. Follow heynannyly on LinkedIn for all updates about the platform.

Users in the UX Journey

For Julia and her co-founder, it was also clear from the start: we need user feedback to constantly improve our MVP, prioritise features and identify potential errors.

The platform was repeatedly evaluated with real users and even professional system testers were brought on board. From our point of view, Julia and her co-founder have done a great job. We are impressed by how naturally they saw the topic of UX in their product.

We think they are great role models for other female founders and startups. So if you've always wanted to know how to approach the topic of UX as a startup or really at the beginning of a product idea, be sure to listen to the current episode!

Written by:
Lisa Gorelik