People-centered communication in everyday work

This episode of our podcast is about human-centered communication with voice messages. For this, we have Nicolas Höflinger as a guest.

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Voice messages: Fast, uncomplicated and emotional

Voicemail offers a new dimension to business communication. In this podcast episode, we explore the benefits of this communication medium and its impact on the way we share information. Nicolas Höflinger, founder of Voiceline, explains how voice messaging offers a faster and more straightforward way to convey information without sacrificing the emotional component. Voiceline is an innovative platform for the use of voice messaging in corporate communications that makes communication more human-centric.

We discuss the importance of personal expression and how voice messaging can facilitate everyday work by filling the gaps between text-based communication and synchronous communication, such as meetings.

Voiceline: The platform for human-centered voice messaging

In this podcast episode, we have the pleasure of having Nicolas Höflinger from Voiceline as our guest. Voiceline is an innovative platform specifically designed for enterprise communication using voice messaging. Nicolas explains how Voiceline enables teams to share via voicemail without losing the personal touch. We explore the various features that make the medium even more user-friendly and human-centric, such as the ability to generate transcripts of what is being said or to display bullet points. These are features that significantly reduce the recipient problems of voice messages in particular and make the experience more human-centric.

The power of human-centered communication in everyday work life

People-centered communication can have a significant impact on our day-to-day work. In this podcast, we discuss how better corporate communication can lead to a more positive work environment and increased employee well-being. Nicolas shares his insights on how voice messaging can make communication more effective and the challenges of using this medium. Get inspired to take advantage of human-centered communication to improve your workflow and foster a successful team.

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We hope you'll try voicemail in your job communications soon and feel free to tell us about your experiences with voicemail in the work context!

We wish you a human-centered experience that will make you think! As always, feel free to leave us your feedback!

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