More Women in Tech - Podcast Interview with Katharina from Tech4Girls

For us, the topic of females in tech is enormously important and that's why in the podcast episode Anna talks to Katharina from Tech4Girls about how to get girls excited about tech at an early age.

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In today's podcast episode we have a completely different topic for you than what you usually know from us. However, this topic is extremely close to our hearts and we were very happy to have such a cool interview partner for this topic!

Specifically, it's about the topic of Women in Tech and even more concretely about the question of how we as a society can manage to get more women excited about tech professions and, above all, finally put an end to the senseless gender stereotypes of this world.

At interfacewerk, we can honestly say of ourselves that 50% of our positions overall and also 50% of our senior positions are filled by women. Our female UX designers also increasingly have a technical background, such as engineering, computer science or electrical engineering. Nevertheless, we are rather the exception when it comes to such a distribution and the gender gap in technical professions is still enormous.

Katharina from Tech4Girls was our guest to discuss the topic. She is the managing director of Tech4Girls, an NGO that has made it its mission to introduce girls to coding at an early age in elementary school. Tech4Girls now offers courses at numerous elementary schools in Berlin, and they also give online courses.

Why do girls need to be introduced to tech at elementary school age?

Both Katharina and Anna agree: even at an early age, girls (and boys, too, of course) unfortunately still grow up with gender-specific clichés: "Girls can't do math," "Technology is simply not for girls," and "Girls can't become pilots," are just a few of them. Anna's daughter had to listen to the latter statement. Katharina, a programmer herself, had to experience a downgrading of her person based on her gender in her career, including her studies. For example, she was allowed to present and write protocols during her computer science studies, and later, as a trained media computer scientist and sociologist, she had men explain to her what CSS is.

That's why it's important not to let girls get so far as to think they're not suited for tech professions and to give them the chance to discover technology and especially coding for themselves right from the start. For more equal opportunities in career choices and less stereotypical thinking! Anna has also had similar experiences in her career and wants a world without gender stereotypes for her daughter and of course sons!

Showing elementary school girls that they can do anything and take up any profession they want is what Tech4 Girls is all about. There's no such thing as "girls can't." And the response has been extremely good! The girls who are part of Tech4Girls are very proud of their results and have a much stronger self-confidence and of course an idea of what coding is and what can be done with code. The community and supportive thinking between the girls is also very strong. And that's also an important idea: it takes a strong community and a lot of cohesion between women to move things in the right direction!

We think that's a great thing and of course we hope for even more female members, especially our programmers, because there's more to come!

How you can support Tech4Girls and more super interesting facts about females in tech can be found in the podcast episode with Katharina and Anna.

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