UX Patterns for UI Design (2)

In this podcast episode we show you two more UX patterns: helpful error management and together what belongs together.

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Helpful error management

Errors in a software can occur! It is important to recognize operating errors in the UX process. It is best to prevent them altogether or to help and guide users adequately. It becomes unfavorable when users get into a predicament where they can only go back. If data is also lost and the users' time is wasted. Then you might lose the user to the competitor's product. In our example, you'll hear how Sebastian was maneuvered into just such a quandary by an HR Sofwtare. We'll show you how to do it better and why software should not be a castle in the air!

UX Pattern: Together what belongs together

Together what belongs together! Sounds strange, but it's a really valuable UX pattern. We've already told you: you need to place status indicators for any events like errors, success, etc. in your app in a way that your users will notice them. If you take into account where your users' attention is at the moment, you can easily exploit spatial references to make it easy for your users. You can hear a negative example, and several ways to really bring together what belongs together instead, here! Drawing users' attention is an important issue in any application. If you can do that, you'll simplify usability and your users will thank you for it. Try it and if you need help with the implementation, contact us!

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