Meet Julia - our UX designer

Julia is our newest UX designer in the team since March. Find out what a day as a UX designer with us looks like and what her superpowers are in the post!




It depends.


UX Designer @interfacewerk since March 2022....creating userflows and designs for software products, so that users love to fullfill their tasks


listening, sorting, structuring


  • Being motivated and excited (when we see an idea is exactly getting to the point and solve a big problem so that our users are happy, when colleagues are happy because we did a great workshop)
  • family and friends, being outside, sunshine, chocolate


  • when conversations turn around and around and don't come to a result
  • waste (of time, material, resources...), rain, bad mood


The perfect working day starts with a healthy breakfast and 20-30min workout or yoga. When I start working, I check my mails and messages, answer them and sort my to dos, so that I can start with a clear goal and direction for that day. Not to forget to make me a huge cup of tea. I like it, when the forenoon is calm. Then I can reach out to some colleagues, clarify open questions, organize meetings with colleagues or customers. I talk with them about the next ux concepts or plan the next interviews or usability tests. Before I do lunch, I take one or two hours to deep dive into a topic, which could be to do some research, try to understand a certain context or sketching user flows and screendesigns.

When working remotely I can have lunch, go out for a walk and enjoy the weather together with my husband. If we are in the office I enjoy going out with my colleagues to have lunch in one of the restaurants near the office.

In the afternoon I have another round of meetings, customer calls or creative sessions with my colleagues. When I can checkout in time, have had a lot of good conversations with my colleagues and have the feeling that I reached at least some of my goals which I prepared in the morning - then it was a perfect working day!

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