Critical thinking in UX design

Critical thinking is a very important discipline for people like UX designers who develop products. We explain why and how!

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What is critical thinking?

Critical thinking is fact-based way of making judgments. It is about questioning statements and thus arriving at valuable and useful judgments that are scientifically proven. We want to explain why critical thinking is especially important for knowledge workers like UX designers!

Critical thinking and UX design

Sometimes, as UX designers or product developers, we make sweeping statements that seem plausible at first glance. We've all heard the phrase "If it needs a manual, the product has a bad UX", right?

But actually, this statement cannot be generalized. Certainly, finished products for the end customer may at best be designed so simply that everything can be operated intuitively without instructions. But what if the product is an aircraft or a machine for industrial production? In that case, you might want to rethink that statement, right?

Statistical statements

Because we as UX designers or product developers handle a lot of user data, it is easy for us to manipulate it and prove things that cannot be proven with the data.

Therefore, we have to recognize statistical correlations and interpret them correctly in order to make decisions. Statements made by users must also always be viewed critically.

How you do it and in which cases you should still turn your critical eye in UX design, you can hear in the podcast episode!

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