Save plastic with Plastic IQ

The Plastic IQ tool helps companies develop a long-term plastic strategy and save plastic. Read up on how to do it right now!

Today, a great idea and mature research becomes an extremely useful digital tool. It makes knowledge about our global plastic waste challenge accessible for businesses in the US to put into practice.

And with Plastic IQ!

Conceived and co-developed by The Recycling Partnership and SYSTEMIQ, we were honoured to use our UX design and technology expertise to develop this modern, digital tool.

Plastic IQ will be used by companies to identify effective solutions and create a customised action plan to improve their plastic packaging strategy and reduce CO2 emissions.

Modern web technologies and our UX strategy approach quickly delivered a market-ready product. In parallel, we reduce the technical complexity to enable broad use.

Many thanks to Yoni Shiran, Julia Koskella and Aaron Burman for taking us on this great journey!

More in the video on Plastic IQ

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