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Katrin is our Team Manager at interfacewerk. Learn more about the ideal office management setup from Katrin!





Team Manager @ interfacewerk since May 2016....takes care of all the team's requirements, as well as project administration and accounting and all other office and event management needs.

How do you manage all the team issues at interfacewerk, Katrin?

Most importantly, we have processes for everything that is going on. Not having to do a repetitive task from scratch each time is key. For office management I can recommend the following tools:

  • Trello for Tasks
  • Prepare different boards for different topics
  • Make an info column where you put links to documentations
  • Use Dropbox Paper for documentation
  • Harvest is a great project monitoring and invoicing software
  • Make weeklies or monthlies with your team as needed


Years of personal development. The job is never boring and always confronts me with new challenges. While still fitting in perfectly with family life, thanks to the work-life balance that is in the foreground and lived out!

The team spirit is unique. People help and support each other and everyone can learn from everyone else. Learning is very important at interfacewerk and is supported by extra "learning time", internal workshops and further training opportunities.


organisation and spreading good mood


the whole company (all remoties and Munich people) are meeting in interfacewerks HQ @Munich: we will have a quick breakfast together and start our glorious Innovation Day there we will solved problems or we work on innovative ideas in smaller teams and the evening we will head to the Theresienwiese and have a great interfacewerk Wies'n in Herzkasperl Zelt with clients and friends!

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