The WOW effect - achieve it with your digital tool

What is it anyway and how do we achieve true excitement with digital products?

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What is the WOW effect?

The WOW effect is something we all wish for in software/digital tools, apps, etc. But hand on heart? But hand on heart? How often does that happen? Actually, not too often. And sometimes it's not a "Wow, that's brilliant" but a "Wow, what a fail is that!".

We find that a WOW effect is felt by users when the product really helps, saves time and you reach your goal faster than without it. A pure digitalisation of a process, for example, does not automatically mean a WOW effect. Because often analogue processes are very good, in the sense that they work and have already become second nature. If the process is digitalised, one advantage is that the information is accessible everywhere. But is the process as efficient as before? If you do not consider the users and their intentions, the digital process is perceived as worse than before.

This means that you always have to ask yourself the question? Does the digital product solve a real problem for the users, do I create added value, are users able to use the software without much prior knowledge? Do I create security with the product? Can they rely on it working and doing the job it is supposed to do?

Once these basic building blocks are fulfilled, i.e. security and added value, you can think about the outer WOW - harmonious colours, nice animations that shorten the waiting time during loading processes, for example, or harmonious buttons.

All together it has a good chance of a "WOW-this is a great product that helps and looks and feels great".

The WOW Effect Levels

For more info on the WOW effect, how to reach each level and some great examples, check out the latest podcast episode!

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