7 tips for successful collaboration between UX designers and developers

You develop great user experiences, with digital products? This requires ideal collaboration between designers and developers!

The world has long understood the importance of user experience design. Developers and designers are expected to work together to achieve the best possible results.

It's an interdependent relationship: without a designer, developers have no designs, blueprints, or prototypes to work with, and without developers, designers can't realize any of the ideas.

You can think of developers as construction managers and designers as architects.

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But even though we all know that both sides are important, they often seem to be at odds with each other. Designers get annoyed that their designs are implemented differently than they were originally planned, and developers complain that designers get upset about little things. Many conflicts are based on a lack of understanding for the other side and the different approaches to work. As a result, tensions can easily arise.

Ideally, however, developers and designers will eventually join forces, like a fight between two superheroes, and become an unstoppable force for good. So how can developers and UX designers work better together to create high-quality products? I asked our developers and designers what's important to them when working together. These are the answers I received:

1. "Trust the designers:inside!".

Design is the product of designers, not developers. So always let designers check what developers have implemented before putting it into production.

2. "Trust the developers!"

Designers should approach technical restrictions the same way they approach user restrictions: They should accept them positively and see them as a challenge to be more creative.

3. clear communication

Designers should communicate clear ideas and organize workshops if necessary to avoid misunderstandings and endless discussions.

Developers, in turn, should break down the technical requirements into smaller pieces to make them clearer and easier to understand.

4 "Use a design system!"

To make the life of designers and programmers easier, they should jointly agree on a design system to be used in the project. Likewise, it is important to define it in advance to avoid implementation problems after programming has begun.

The way to the design system

5. "Always check feasibility and evaluate the design/development effort ratio."

The ultimate goal is to create a solution that is desirable, feasible and functional. This means that the product or solution should not only satisfy the user's needs but also be easy to implement.

6. "View software as a team sport."

No one can create and develop an incredible product experience alone. Success requires a real team made up of players with different talents working together to produce world-class software.

7 "Spending time together!"

Building relationships with the designers/developers you work with is extremely important, especially when working remotely. As a designer, if you invest in the relationship with the developers, you can understand the code better. As a developer, if you invest in the relationship with the designers, you can better understand how users interact with the code you write and empathize with their needs.

designers and developers

What has helped you improve the relationship between developers and designers? Let us know in the comments section below! We look forward to receiving lots of feedback and comments.

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