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What is Make and what is Buy?

Make = develop something yourself or in cooperation with a service provider

Buy = buy or lease an existing software, small customizations included of course

Do it yourself or buy it in? This question is very often asked by entrepreneurs or project managers at the beginning of digital projects. And of course - we often have to make the decision as well. For example, when it came to planning capacities in our own agency. Should we use a third-party tool or develop something ourselves?

There are some points to consider when making the decision to really build and develop something new or to use an existing product. We are aware that there is a lot of content and whole make or buy analyses, but we want to highlight the essential ones from our point of view.

The possibilities

In addition to the classic make or buy, there are also hybrid forms such as the use of already existing open source systems. Here, not everything has to be developed from scratch, but quite a bit! Many Buy solutions are also simply hybrid forms, because mostly the last 10% must be adapted to individual circumstances! So if it is a tool that I really little also not want to customize, we would opt for the Buy variant.

Take accounting, for example. Here, many processes are quite similar from company to company, e.g. with regard to taxes and invoicing, and it would probably only be worthwhile building a completely new tool in exceptional cases. A buy decision includes not only license costs, but also possibly a change or adaptation of the own way of working or the own product to the tool. This should not be ignored!

This was now the case when it comes to software that is used directly in one's own company.

Often there is the case: you want to offer a product to other companies or end users, but a certain sub-function is missing, such as authentication. Also in such cases it is worthwhile to consider the Buy, because there are simply already good solutions gitb.

It should also be considered that the software may not suit me as a company or as a team at some point. In that case it should be possible to switch and take your data with you. Please always keep this in mind when making a buy decision! Possibilities would be an API tear or an export.

A Buy decision can also help you become clear about your own needs and requirements.

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