Make export control easier, more intuitive and more secure with UX Design

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What are the goals of our customer?

BEX Components AG is a manufacturer of customs software based in Aalen, Germany. Among many other applications needed when exporting goods abroad, such as ATLAS export, sanctions list checks, preference calculations, EXPERIUM is the software for export control. To offer the users the best possible product that supports them optimally in their daily work. This is what the product developers at BEX wanted to achieve. And so the company decided to invest in UX design and to optimize the product to the needs of the users.

The process

This project also involved a precise assessment of user needs and the establishment of a human-centric approach. With this, we then went into a UX concept and subsequent UI design phase. With the move to Angular with our developers, components can be developed much easier and faster.

The deliverables

UI Principles Overview
Knowledge building
UX concept
Ready developed application

Build UX understanding & knowledge

Our team took a close look at the UX of the EXPERIUM software to identify so-called "pain points", i.e. points of friction and disruption for users that lead to confusion, frustration or unnecessary loss of time, for example.

Shadowing & Expert:inside interview

Our designers examined the software for further vulnerabilities and conducted a user test with an export control officer. In the process, users are given several tasks to complete using the software and speak their thoughts aloud.

It turned out that the software must make users in particular aware of their responsibility. Under no circumstances should users be led by the UX to make careless decisions about goods to be executed.

Knowledge-based product decisions

Through a user test, our designers can follow the interaction between users and the product live and capture all reactions. In this way, the improvement of the software is not based on assumptions, but on concrete empirical data that has been evaluated under UX aspects.

Outcome phase 1

Pain points figured out, usability tests conducted, UX-based decisions established in the client team.

Design & Implementation

Testing and prioritization of features

The goal was to define possible solutions for the weak points found in the current user interface and to implement them as pragmatically as possible. Our goal was to find an intermediate path between simple operation and a professional mode that also includes experienced users in order to increase productivity. In order to avoid unnecessary implementation effort, the developed solutions were transformed into screens and tested for their feasibility before the actual implementation started. With constant testing of the screens with users, the features became better and better and more user-friendly.

Icons on the left create understanding and hierarchy

UI design

It is often enough to keep basic UI principles in mind to improve the user interface. Principles that have been particularly helpful for EXPERIUM are: Contrast, Harmony, Repetition and Arrangement. Different categories of information must have different icons (contrast), but the same categories, e.g. categories of a hierarchy level must have the same icons (repetition). This leads to consistency and intuitive operation.

Outcome phase 2

Solution approaches developed, implementation realized.

What makes the project special and what is the impact?

Our project with BEX included an intensive knowledge transfer to the client team alongside a complete redesign of the tool. We acted not only as a service provider, but as a knowledge broker, which led to new human-centered processes in the company and has a lasting impact there.

More impact lies in the redesign of the tool itself. Every interaction combines usability and aesthetics, which not only made it easier to use, but also makes the work of export control officers more efficient and secure. This project was also a bit of a business transformation, proving that innovation comes from knowledge transfer and human-centered processes.

Final UI Design Impressions

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"Not only did we now rely on UX design methods, the company is now thinking further in the long term towards web technologies, which are a clear requirement to provide a UX that consumer products can offer. Investing in UX is a long-term strategic decision, one in which we believe interfacewerk is the right partner."


CPO of BEX Components