How PlasticIQ helps corporations develop sustainable plastics strategies

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Goal of the project

The Plastic IQ tool is made for companies to develop a real-world actionable strategy to reduce their plastic consumption in packaging. The software is optimized for U.S. corporations and will be a game changer for plastic reduction in the long run. The Plastic IQ tool is a good step to rethink plastic consumption in large corporations and measure the impact of a sustainable strategy to set incentives.

This is what the process looked like

UX design process with an advisory council of real users

👉 100% agile working and mindset

👉 Reality checks and interviews with the user group

👉 Prototyping

👉 Wireframes

👉 Click prototype

👉 Designs ready for implementation

👉 Angular & NodeJS application with modeling in Python

The deliverables

Results from UX Research
Public App
Software Architecture

UX Research

The basic idea was to transform research on plastic reduction into a digital tool with real impact. UX research with many real users, such as sustainability managers from corporations like Walmart, made it possible to reduce the complexity to the point where it was possible to work efficiently with all the data and analyses.

Knowledge generation & user focus

When it comes to design: We have to be courageous and question all statements that have not been proven, only then will we arrive at a really useful and good result! Many assumptions were therefore first critically tested with users in order to be able to really verify them. From the user research, it quickly became clear that users want good data visualization to understand the context and simply want to read recommendations for action from the tool.

Outcome phase 1

Interviews with sustainability managers conducted, assumptions critically questioned, knowledge base created for the right design decisions.

Prototype and develop solutions

With the knowledge gained from the interviews, we designed basic functionalities and tested them with users. The tests resulted in further functions and a layout, which we continued with and developed the first wireframes. The next step was a click prototype and then the final designs. Also on the implementation side were involved and the result was a fully developed Angular application.

Outcome phase 2

Prototyped solutions tested, layout and screens developed, technical implementation performed. Today, the applications are used by numerous US corporations such as Walmart.

More impact with a digital tool

With Plastic IQ, the consulting model, which otherwise takes place in person, can be scaled. By moving from face-to-face consulting to tool-assisted consulting, more companies can be reached, maximizing impact.

Final UI Design Impressions

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"I learned so much about the user experience when I witnessed these sessions, with many possible optimisations that can help users. I also felt that people enjoyed using the tool and understood it well. Thank you for your expertise, hard work and team spirit!"

Yoni Shiran,