How Project Climate promotes sustainable mobility in companies

Front-end development
Backend development

Impact through digital tools

Digital environmental projects like the Fleet Analyzer are a concern for us because they provide answers to current environmental questions and make an active contribution to reduce CO2 emissions. PROJECT CLIMATE GmbH's software makes it easier for companies to switch to e-vehicles without sacrificing mobility and flexibility.

The process: Implementing sustainable ideas quickly

During the development of the Fleet Analyzer, we supported the Project Climate team from the design phase to the implementation and maintenance of the tool. With our many years of experience, we helped PROJECT CLIMATE GmbH to implement an innovative and sustainable idea quickly and effectively.

The deliverables

UX concept
Software architecture
Desktop app

Design & Development

Smart features that help users get results quickly

The Fleet Analyzer analyzes the company fleet, taking various parameters into account. The trips recorded by the FleetGO platform are evaluated with the help of GPS trackers. Based on the journeys, the Fleet Analyzer calculates the impact of a switch to electromobility in terms of costs, coverage of journeys by e-vehicles and, of course, CO. The results are clearly visualized so that users have clear decision-making aids as to how they can shape their vehicle fleet. 

Old vs. new fleet

Quickly and easily analyze your own fleet

In addition to the analyzed trips, Fleet Analyzer takes into account other parameters and cost components such as leasing costs, insurance premiums, CO, and the eligible vehicle models. These and other parameters can be changed by the customer in the application.

Positive impact

Based on the raw data and the mobility information collected for the individual vehicles from the FleetGO platform, the Fleet Analyzer calculates the cost difference between the old and new fleets and the difference in CO₂ emissions. The individual cost components for the comparison of the previous and future fleet are clearly visualized for users. They provide a good overview of where there are savings or additional costs. In addition, the coverage of the driving distance with charging options is calculated.

Outcome phase 1

UX concept developed, simple presentation, message elaborated to achieve maximum benefit with minimum effort.

Frontend and backend development

The application is based on Angular and Ruby on Rails. Typically, our focus is on UX research, design and frontend development. The special challenge in this project was that we did both backend and frontend development. No problem for our developers.

Outcome phase 2

Frontend has been technically implemented and is used in everyday consulting to underpin the potential of e-mobility with real data.

Scale internal processes with software

We have used software to facilitate internal processes, and at the same time we have been able to extend human work to more customers. What this means. With Project Climate, we've created a simple way for companies to analyze their vehicle fleets and convert them to environmentally friendly electric vehicles. With the digital tool, Project Climate can help more companies make sustainable decisions.

Final UI Design Impressions

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"For a sustainable transition to e-mobility in companies, digital tools are needed that support this transition and demonstrate advantages. The Fleet Analyzer is such a tool - and easy to use and technically up-to-date thanks to interfacewerk."

Jan-Moritz Gericke,