How we maximize our climate handprint

Being CO₂-neutral is not our primary goal! We want to increase our climate handprint and thus create more impact.

What is your climate handprint?

When we talk about tackling the climate crisis, the conversation often turns to reducing our CO₂ footprint. This is an important aspect of the fight against climate change, and we should definitely do everything we can to produce as little CO₂ as possible.

But there is another dimension that is crucial for us: our climate handprint.

What is the climate handprint?

The climate handprint is the sum of all the positive impact we create in our activities against climate change and for greater sustainability. While the CO₂ footprint aims to reduce our own emissions, the handprint focuses on what we actively do to bring about positive change in the world.

It's about more than just acting CO₂-neutral. Neutrality is not enough and we must actively contribute to shaping a sustainable future.

What are we doing at interfacewerk to maximize our climate handprint?

  1. Reducing the CO₂ emissions of others: One way to increase the handprint is to help others reduce their carbon footprint. For us, that's developing and implementing digital tools that help customers or their customers make sustainable choices.
  2. Tackling plastic pollution: Tools like Plastic IQ, which helps organizations reduce their plastic consumption, is another example of a positive climate handprint. By indirectly contributing to the reduction of plastic waste, we generate measurable impact.
  3. Time savings: Time is a valuable resource, and by saving time for others, we enable them to focus on climate solutions. Whether it's optimizing processes, automating tasks or simplifying workflows, the time saved can be used more wisely elsewhere.
  4. Innovation and digital solutions: Introducing innovative digital ideas into organizations can amplify their positive impact. Technology has the potential to improve sustainability initiatives.
  5. Contribution to other Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): The climate crisis is linked to several other global challenges. We achieve a positive impact on non-climate SDGs such as promoting gender equity.

One really great aspect of the climate handprint is the unlimited potential for growth. While a CO₂ footprint can only be reduced to zero, our handprint can constantly grow. There is always room to improve, find even more innovative solutions, network and scale Impact. There is no limit to the top!

What is your climate handprint?

Now it's time to think about your climate handprint. What are you doing to maximize it? Are you actively helping to reduce the emissions of others, conserve resources and drive innovation? Are your actions already in line with sustainability and social responsibility goals?

Should you have a digital idea that will increase your handprint, just write us!

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