Our Get-Together 2023 team - We create sustainable connections and change

What we have experienced together, our challenges and how we have worked on the future of interfacewerk

Mastering challenges and shaping a sustainable, self-organized future 🌐

Greetings from idyllic Schlehdorf! Our team recently set off on our second company offsite. But we didn't have to travel too far this year (at least the people at the Munich location didn't). In the heart of Bavaria, our team came together not only to network and spend time together, but also to tackle the challenges of the past year and build a future as a self-organized organization.

This year has brought many changes to our team. At our team meeting in Schlehdorf, we focused on current challenges and reorganized ourselves to a certain extent.

Sustainable decisions

Sustainability is not just an empty buzzword for us, but a basic requirement that runs through all aspects of our work. We also made conscious decisions at our team get-together and stayed close to home to minimize our environmental impact. We didn't fly, but traveled by train, less travel - more nature and time with people. And we are proud to have organized this event as sustainably and consciously as possible. We also focused on producing as little packaging waste as possible, choosing local and sustainable service providers, plant-based cooking and, where possible, not throwing food away. In this way, we want to reduce our footprint as much as possible. On the other hand, in order to increase our handprint and help more organizations to achieve sustainability goals, we have also considered how we can position ourselves in the future to do just that.

Joint wild herb hike

Focusing on simple things can sometimes be best

Our "co-creation" is not just limited to projects, but can also be found at the core of our everyday activities. As a team, we took on the challenge of cooking for ourselves and transformed the kitchen into a space for collaboration and shared experiences. This hands-on experience unexpectedly reminded us of our overarching vision of a self-organized company and of simply doing the right thing wherever and whenever it is needed, always keeping the big picture in mind. A walk and a guided tour through the wild herbs of the monastery garden of our accommodation showed us that beautiful and valuable things surround us. You don't necessarily have to travel far away and plan the most spectacular activities to socialize and have a good time. The best opportunities are often right on our doorstep and are easier than we might imagine.

Small table tennis duel

Workshop on decentralized decisions and self-organization of the team

With these thoughts and new energy from the shared experiences, a crucial point during our time in Schlehdorf was the workshop day.

This workshop focused on decentralizing decision-making and developing a self-organized work culture, paving the way to take our team to the next level. Together, we explored how we can distribute decision-making power across the organization so that each individual can take ownership and contribute to our shared vision. As we discussed self-organization, the workshop became a space for innovation and creativity, reflecting the very principles we want to implement in our day-to-day work. This focus on decentralization fits seamlessly into our goal of creating a workplace where every team member has a voice and can actively shape interface work.

Co-working and tinkering with all colleagues

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