Hybrid Work - Podcast interview with Johanna from Talentista

In this podcast episode, we have Johanna, an expert on hybrid working models. She shares her knowledge and tips on how companies can build a great culture remotely and find the best working model.

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What is Hybrid Work?

Hybrid work or hybrid working models are current and have become indispensable since the pandemic. Many companies started (forced) home offices during the pandemic. Over time, there has been a change in thinking: home office is perhaps a real alternative to compulsory office work. In practice, hybrid working models prove to be the most suitable, also for productivity with employees.

A 100% home office model, on the other hand, is not always the real thing. Deficits in social interaction, overwork and separation from the job often become visible.

Rethinking and switching to new forms of work offer advantages but also challenges that need to be mastered. Many companies find it difficult to find the right working model, to reconcile it with business goals and the individual wishes of employees, and to justify the working model in a meaningful way.

Johanna has given us some tips

To get more expertise on the topic, Prof. Johanna Bath joined us on the podcast!
She is a consultant for hybrid working models and gave us many tips that will certainly help you on your way to a hybrid working model.

It is about the transformation process to a hybrid work model and how not to lose touch with employees despite fewer physical touchpoints. After all, remote work eliminates many non-verbal feedback channels and you have to think about alternatives.

It is also a challenge to exemplify the company culture and make it tangible. Many real-life situations fall away. It is also challenging to familiarise new employees with the culture. Many implicit things now have to be explicitly stated, such as a concrete company vision. But knowledge-based topics, processes and procedures also need to be laid down in concrete terms so that employees can also find their way around remotely.

Johanna shows us what companies and especially managers can do to make employees feel picked up, how they can maintain team spirit and how they can find a working model that they can communicate confidently.

How do we do it at interfacewerk?

We have always been part-remote. That's what we call a model in which some of our colleagues were in the office almost every day and some of them, who don't live in Munich, worked completely from home.

But things have also changed for us since the pandemic. Starting with the social distancing aspect, we worked completely from home for a few months. In the end, no one wanted to return to the office every day when the number of infections was falling. But the realisation that 100% remote is just as difficult struck us. Surveys in the team revealed the desire for maximum freedom but at the same time the regular opportunity to get in touch with other team colleagues, especially physically.

To manage the balancing act between freedom and regular exchange, we had to take some precautions, create measures and adapt to a new working mode. Learn how to master challenges like asynchronous working in the podcast!

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