Putzmeister focuses on maximum user-friendliness with its new HMI

International UX Research on site
UX Design
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Aim of the project - Design concrete pump HMI intuitively

Putzmeister is the world market leader in the construction industry and in underground construction. The high-quality and reliable machines for conveying, distributing and placing concrete, mortar and high-density solids are used all over the world. The new Ergonic 3 HMI makes controlling the truck-mounted concrete pump much more intuitive, faster and easier for users. Ergonic 3 combines the best of its two predecessors and the latest findings from user research and field studies by our UX designers. Ergonic also serves as the basis and design system for the HMIs of other Putzmeister products.

The process

The starting point and first milestone of the project was an intensive UX research with the target group on site, at several international locations. With the knowledge of the target group's needs, the prototyping phase began, in which various solutions for the concrete pump's HMI were tested using a paper prototype. In wireframing, the next step was to make the tested and thus validated results digitally experienceable and subsequently hand them over to the development team at Putzmeister. With a lot of technical understanding and empathy for all user groups, our UX designers developed the new HMI in close cooperation with the Putzmeister team and concrete pump drivers.

The deliverables

Results from UX Research
UX concept
Ready designs
Design System

Conduct user research and identify problems

On-Site UX Research (international)

User Shadowing & User Interviews: our UX designers are not afraid to probe and accompany numerous machinists in their daily work. To understand the requirements and pain points of the users, it is incredibly important to listen and never stop asking questions.

Concrete pump in action
UX Research on the construction site

Outcome phase 1

Knowledge generated, target audience researched, on-site UX research conducted.

Find solutions to make concrete pumping more efficient and easier

Paper prototype

Prototyping - ideas can be tested quickly on paper

At the same time, it is important to think one's way into complex, technical processes and present them in such a way that everyone can understand them (inclusive design). Iteratively and with the help of a paper prototype, prototypical solutions are then tested - for super-fast and pragmatic progress.

The HMI enables users to find their own solutions, e.g. in the event of a malfunction.

UX concept - meaningful hierarchies and useful features

Due to the many simultaneous tasks, the operator's attention is constantly required during work. The HMI of the remote control must provide optimal support. That is why the functions are assigned to the individual work steps (erecting, supporting, positioning the mast, pumping, controlling the mast, pumping, cleaning).

User friendly menu

Frequently used functions and important operating figures are at the top level and assigned to the respective work step. They can be triggered with one keystroke. Deeper functions are clearly separated from the main navigation. The menu developed now serves as the basis and design system for the HMIs of other Putzmeister products, such as the iOntron electric concrete pumps. Ergonic 3 is also designed in such a way that the machine operators and workshop managers are empowered by the user interface to find solutions themselves (e.g. in the event of malfunctions). Service technicians do not necessarily have to intervene. This makes workflows faster and more efficient.

Outcome phase 2

Prototypes developed, solutions tested with users, solutions finalized, simple and intuitive operation ensured.

Screen for monitoring battery performance

User-friendly HMI for the world's first e-concrete pump

The new Ergonic 3 HMI is also used on the world's first electric concrete pump. The HMI combines the strengths of two previous versions, creating a seamless user experience. Ergonic 3 also serves as the basis here, which ensures recognition, trust and shorter learning times when operating. As with every Putzmeister HMI, the menu is designed to suit the workflow on the construction site.

Final UI Design Impressions

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"Ergonic 3 is a milestone. I want to thank interfacewerk again for listening to us, challenging us and launching a great product. We can't wait to start working with it."

Christian Plavac,

Product Manager